will provide its clients with the best available personnel that are highly trained and experienced, with exceptional on-board emergency handling and management skills.

Western Shipping selects its top-notch crew members from government-run Crew Manning Center. The candidates must pass comprehensive tests to meet the high standards set by the company. Requirements include foreign language proficiency, contingency response abilities, strict health exam, and others.
All Western Shipping?? employees are evaluated on various regular performance criteria and special skills. The top scorers are placed in the company ??eserve Pool?? for further training in their individual specialties. After mastering the specific skills, these top quality seamen are assigned to specialty assignments on specific vessels for rotation and replacement of crew, without ever having to compromise the quality of our crew members.
Before boarding any vessel, the members of the crew must complete the Western Shipping Briefing & Joining Checklist. They receive further specific operations training from superintendents, who fully understand the special nature and needs of the various specialty vessels. Additional mental training is also mandatory. Finally, the crew receives training on vessel owner?? special instructions including ISM procedures. This comprehensive training program ensures the optimal mental and physical conditioning of the crew, as well as safe and efficient operation of the vessel.
My Ship System allows the Captain and the Chief Engineer of the vessel to set their annual leave and enjoy the time off from the sea. The company Port Captain and Port Engineer competently fill in during their time off. The Captain and Chief Engineer can then return to their vessel and continue to apply their expertise to that specific vessel, ensuring efficiency and safe navigation.
Before docking or special survey, a team of highly qualified and experienced No. 1 oilers are dispatched to the vessel. Most of the onboard repair needs are tended to by the team. This allows dry-dock repair time to be reduced significantly, thus allowing dramatic reduction in cost