is on a continuous course of evolution. The on-going diversification and specialization of vessels demand more sophisticated and competent infrastructure and system to be set in place. The management of vessel and crew, to reciprocate this trend, is also imperative.

We, at Western Shipping Corporation, firmly believe that the shipping industry will continue to develop and evolve. With more than 30 years of experience as our foundation, we are prepared to meet the challenges of today and embrace the future. We are fully equipped with highly proficient crew members, who have extensive educational background and exceptional on-board skills for various specialty vessels. We also offer cost-effective alternatives to our clients, using personnel from Vietnam, Myanmar, Indonesia, and China. In addition, we offer ??otal Vessel Management?? with our staff and superintendents who have expertise in shipping agency work and ship repair work.

Join us, as we make a transition into the new Millennium. By selecting Western Shipping Corporation as your business partner, you will experience, firsthand, what 30 years of experience and reliability is all about. We are confident that you will be satisfied with the difference.

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